Friday, November 17, 2006

(Ice) Picks

Alright, so we have decided to start an outcome predicting competition. Each week, we will post our picks for each game and will keep track of how successful we are.

So, Week 11:

Steelers (3-6) at Browns (3-6)

Laser Stream: Steelers - Droughns is questionable, so there will be more pressure on Charlie Frye and their passing game.
Enter Sandman: Steelers - With or without Droughns, the Browns really stand no chance if Pitt plays remotely like it did against NFC South leader New Orleans.
Flipmode989: Browns - Browns secondary is underrated. Roethlisberger will lose this game.
Sockman: Steelers- Sean Jones, underrated safety for the Browns, will feast on Roethlisberger, but Parker will prove too much for the gap-filled Browns defense.

Rams (4-5) at Panthers (5-4)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Smith should have a huge game.
Enter Sandman: Panthers - This is a huge game for the Rams, if they still have playoff aspirations in the measly NFC West, but it's equally huge for Carolina which is just a game out of first in the NFC South.
Flipmode989: Panthers - Its time for the Panthers' second half of the season surge to begin.
Sockman: Rams - Panthers got lucky last week, managing to squeak out a win against the hapless Bucs. Rams are playing for their playoff lives, and should have a big week.

Falcons (5-4) at Ravens (7-2)

Laser Stream: Ravens - They have looked impressive offensively the last couple weeks.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - The defense hasn't looked too good without Ray Lewis, but it should be good enough to stop a sputtering Falcon offense.
Flipmode989: Ravens - Vick can't pass against the Raven defensive backs, and even the running game has been looking weak.
Sockman: Falcons - Look for Vick to revert back to the form he showed couple weeks back. Without Lewis, the running game for Atlanta should spread its wings. Ravens offense will keep it close, but Vick will be too much at the end.

Redskins (3-6) at Buccaneers (2-7)

Laser Stream: Bucs - The Redskins don't have Portis and this is Jason Campbell's first career start.
Enter Sandman: Bucs - If there's one game this week I don't want to watch, it's this one.
Flipmode989: Bucs - Jason Campbell's top reciever will be Ronde Barber.
Sockman: Bucs- I love Campbell. But with Portis out, and Moss doubtful? Forget it. Bucs, big.

Titans (2-7) at Eagles (5-4)

Laser Stream: Eagles - Book it.
Enter Sandman: Eagles - Heh.
Flipmode989: Eagles - Not much to say here.
Sockman: Tit--No wait, Eagles - Vince Young will score another rushing touchdown, but the Titans will do little else.

Bears (8-1) at Jets (5-4)

Laser Stream: Bears - Thomas Jones should have a monster game.
Enter Sandman: Bears - Chad Pennington leads the league in passer rating when the defense blitzes. That won't be enough.
Flipmode989: Bears- Urlacher is healthier than last week, but Berrian is still questionable.
Sockman: Bears - NYJ will keep it close, as Grossman will throw another 3 INTs. However, Coles has been horrible, and Pennington can't do it all by himself. Bears by 3.

Bengals (4-5) at Saints (6-3)

Laser Stream: Saints - Colston time.
Enter Sandman: Saints - The Bengals are going to have to play a lot better D than they did giving up the most points in the NFL this season to San Diego. They won't.
Flipmode989: Bengals - The Offense finally woke up, this game will be won solely by the Bengals offense.
Sockman: Bengals - Toughest game to call this week. But look for Ocho Cinco to continue his play from last week, and for Rudi to through the Saints line. Brees will continue the strong play, but it won't be enough to beat the hungry Bengals.

Vikings (4-5) at Dolphins (3-6)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - These two teams are going in opposite directions.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - As much as I like Joey Harrington, *cough*, I think Minnesota pulls it off on the road.
Flipmode989: Dolphins - 2006 is looking almost identical to 2005 for the Dolphins.
Sockman: Another meaningless game for the Dolphins. Meaningless game = Dolphins win. That's all their good for, anyway.

Raiders (2-7) at Chiefs (5-4)

Laser Stream: Chiefs - Raiders "Offense." Enough said.
Enter Sandman: Chiefs - Apparently, Aaron Brooks may start Sunday. And here's what he had to say about himself at the helm: "I think we have a greater chance. I possess some skills that with my experience gives us a greater chance." 70.0 passer rating. 17 interceptions. Man, those are some serious skills.
Flipmode989: Chiefs - Kansas City defense will win this game.
Sockman: Raiders - The switch to Brooks will spark the lackluster offense. Moss will drop his 5 big catches, but the underrated Raiders pass defense should jump all over Green. Feel sorry for Green, who has to face the Black Hole coming off a major concussion. Raiders with the upset of the week.

Bills (3-6) at Texans (3-6)

Laser Stream: Bills - What a matchup.
Enter Sandman: Bills - See, these are the games that can kill prediction records. Nobody really cares who wins, and in the end, we all know that whoever sucks less is going to be the winner anyways.
Flipmode989: Bills- Texans can only beat the Jaguars.
Sockman: Texans - Lets hope ESPN doesn't go flex-schedule on us, and drop this in the Sunday Night slot. Texans running game will wake up.

Patriots (6-3) at Packers (4-5)

Laser Stream: Patriots - The Golden Boy will indeed be golden.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - I don't know how golden the Golden Boy will be, but at the very least, he will be shiny against a lackluster Green Bay secondary (which incidentally led the league in pass defense last year.)
Flipmode989: Patriots - Packer passing defense will get torched by Brady.
Sockman: Patriots - Favre is playing like he's 20, but Patriots losing 3 in a row? Not in our lifetime.

Seahawks (6-3) at 49ers (4-5)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - Alexander might be back.
Enter Sandman: 49ers - I've never liked the Seahawks. Even during their run last year. But picking the Niners over them? Well, that might be somewhat of a stretch, but I think Alex Smith and Frank Gore have the ability to get it done.
Flipmode989: Seahawks - Niner defense is too weak. The last two weeks they've played Minnesota and Detroit, two teams that make their defense look better than it really is.
Sockman: Seahawks - Niners are playing their hearts out, just 1/2 game out of the playoffs. But give props to Holmgren, who's managed the injuries like a genius. If Alexander and Hasselback are back, this will be a blowout. The 49ers defense is hapless.

Lions (2-7) at Cardinals (1-8)

Laser Stream: Lions - The Cards will be who I think they are.
Enter Sandman: Lions - See above comment on Houston-Buffalo. Perhaps the Cards loss column shall experience some expansion.
Flipmode989: Lions - Arizona is just terrible.
Sockman: Cardinals - James might finally crack the 100 yard mark!
(Edit 11/17/06 9:43 PM by Laser Stream: Speaking of expanding, DENNIS GREEN!!!)

Colts (9-0) at Cowboys (5-4)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - Surprise! Romo to Owens.
Enter Sandman: Colts - Romo might be good, Indy rush defense might suck, Owens might be over his off field problems, but at the end of the day, all that's really to be remembered is yet another dose of Manning being Manning. Heh.
Flipmode989: Colts - Manning will feast on the Cowboys' safeties.
Sockman: Colts - Last second Hail Mary heave from Manning to Wayne for the Colts win. Mark it down.

Chargers (7-2) at Broncos (7-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - Anyone else notice that throughout the years, the Sunday Night matchups have been significantly better than the Monday Night ones? Anyway, LT will give San Diego the win.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - LT averages 52 yards a game in 5 trips to Mile High (all losses). Just saying...
Flipmode989: Chargers - The play of the QBs will decide the outcome. Rivers will outplayPlummer.
Sockman: Chargers - Denver's effort last week at Oakland concerns me. If they can't outscore the Raiders, they can't outscore the Chargers. Rivers coming off an emotional high.

Giants (6-3) at Jaguars (5-4)

Laser Stream: Jaguars - The Jags usually play to the perceived level of their competition (see: 2 losses to Houston). Since the Giants are so overrated, they'll really be playing above the level of their competition.
Enter Sandman: Giants - This won't be so much a case of Manning being Manning as it will be of Tiki being Tiki. And Garrard being bad.
Flipmode989: Jaguars - The Jags will run it all over the Giants. They need a comeback win after last weeks embarrassing loss.
Sockman: Jaguars - Giants defense is horrible. Somehow, the Jags will pull this out.


Laser Stream: 12-4
Enter Sandman: 9-7
Flipmode989: 11-5
Sockman: 9-7

(Edit 11/19/06 2:08 PM by Laser Stream: I'll post final scores in comments and may get around to updating our records here.)
(Edit 11/20/06 10:28 PM by Laser Stream: Added the Monday Night game to our records..)


Laser Stream said...

Games that started around 10AM Pacific:

Baltimore 24, Atlanta 10
Buffalo 24, Houston 21 (I said it'd be a good matchup)
Chicago 10, NY Jets 0 (Defense bailed Chicago out again)
Cincinnati 31, New Orleans 10 (Flipmode and Sockster were right on here)
Miami 24, Minnesota 20
New England 35, Green Bay 0 (Yeah.)
Kansas City 17, Oakland 13 (Boneheaded play by Brooks at the end)
Carolina 15, St. Louis 0
Tennessee 31, Philadelphia 13 (Book it.)
Tampa Bay 20, Washington 17

Some potential shockers in progress.

Laser Stream said...

Shockers indeed.

Arizona 17, Detroit 10 (Maybe they aren't who I though they were)
San Francisco 20, Seattle 14 (Gore for president)
Dallas 21, Indianapolis 14 (I called it!!!)

Enter Sandman said...

*Hangs head in shame*

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Night:

San Diego 35, Denver 27

This game reaffirms my comment about Sunday Night Football and confirms my prediction about LT.

Laser Stream said...

Jaguars 26, Giants 10

Well, well. Sunday Night > Monday Night