Tuesday, November 21, 2006

([N]ice) Picks

So last week saw some daring calls prove successful (Dallas by LaserStream, San Francisco by Enter Sandman) and others prove not so successful (Oakland by Sockman). Here are our picks for Week 12, with the overall score listed first:


1. Laser Stream: 12-4

2. Flipmode989: 11-5
3. Enter Sandman: 9-7
3. Sockman: 9-7

Dolphins (4-6) at Lions (2-8)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - They shall continue to play well defensively.
Enter Sandman: Dolphins - Sockman said it best: "
Meaningless game = Dolphins win. That's all their good for, anyway."
Flipmode989: Dolphins - As I said last week, 2006 is equal to 2005 for the Dolphins.
Sockman: Dolphins - Fins fighting for playoff spot. Should be a rout. What happened to the Lions? Pathetic that they're being played on Thanksgiving.

Buccaneers (3-7) at Cowboys (6-4)

Laser Stream:
Cowboys - Alright so Romo to Owens didn't happen last week. It will this week.
Enter Sandman: Cowboys - Tony Romo had a pretty poor game against Indianapolis, and this should be a good rebound game for him with Dallas eying the NFC East crown.
Flipmode989: Cowboys - The only chance the bucs have is if Barber beats them by himself, like he beat the eagles.
Sockman: Cowboys - Romo's been exploiting defenses very well, but will face a stiff task. Cowboys in a squeaker.

Broncos (7-3) at Chiefs (6-4)

Laser Stream: Broncos - Despite the loss last week, Denver is a top-notch team that should be able to slow down Trent Green's offense.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - The Chiefs are nearly unbeatable at home in December, and T. Gonzalez reportedly returns this week, but I think the Broncos will find a way to get it done in a game which basically defines their season.
Flipmode989: Chiefs - Denver offense just looks too weak. If a balanced team plays Denver, I'll pick the balanced team.
Sockman: Broncos - Trent Green looked a bit lost last week, so if Denver holds down LJ, they should pull out with a victory. Easier said than done.

Saints (6-4) at Falcons (5-5)

Laser Stream: Saints - No Colston, no problem. I doubt Vick will return to Joe Montana form.
Enter Sandman: Saints - Everyone looks at the fact that D. Brees had 510 yards, but more important were his picks. He should get back on track this week in basically a must win for New Orleans even with M. Colston out.
Flipmode989: Falcons - Vick should light up the Saints defense, either with his legs or arms.
Sockman: Falcons - Both teams are reeling, and fighting for a playoff spot. If this was at NO, this would go to the Saints. But, if the Falcons get a healthy dose of Dunn, they should pull this out.

Jaguars (6-4) at Bills (4-6)

Laser Stream: Jaguars - Bills != Texans
Enter Sandman: Bills - This is my upset pick of the week. Lee Evans looked flat out good last Sunday, and if Losman plays anything like he did in that first quarter, this could be a closer matchup than it looks on paper.
Flipmode989: Jaguars - The JP in JP losman stands for Just Punt.
Sockman: Bills - We all know Jags play to their opponent's level. If Lee Evans has half the game he had last week, Bills will win this one.

Bengals (5-5) at Browns (3-7)

Laser Stream: Bengals - That offense is scary. Ocho Cinco is tearing up defenses now.
Enter Sandman: Bengals - The Bengals amazingly keep finding ways to get C. Johnson involved against defenses. I mean, if there's one guy on Cincinnati teams are looking to shut down, it's him, and yet nobody's coming remotely close.
Flipmode989: Bengals - Chad might not even get 100 yards, but Rudi will run it anywhere he wants.
Sockman: Bengals - CJ can't be stopped mostly because Rudi is rounding into shape again. Bengals win big.

49ers (5-5) at Rams (4-6)

Laser Stream: 49ers - Shawntae Spencer's replacement was getting burned last week, so that might be a problem again this week. Shouldn't be a big enough problem. We shall see the Niners go 2-0 on St. Louis for the season.
Enter Sandman: 49ers - The Rams looked flat out awful on Sunday. Frank Gore looked flat out awesome (minus one hard hit by L. Tatupu). The game might be closer than last week's performances may indicate, but the Niners should prevail.
49ers - The Rams can't stop 49er offense.
Sockman: 49ers - Two teams fighting for the playoffs, I like the 49ers purely because of their momentum right now. They are still considered the under-dogs, and it's important they don't get ahead of themselves.

Cardinals (2-8) at Vikings (4-6)

Laser Stream: Vikings - I see Chester Taylor having a great game. And this week, the Cardinals will be who I think they are.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - The man/Oline who set an NFL record for worst rushing performance in history go up against a Minnesota team that gave up -2 (!!!) yards rushing last week. Doesn't look too good for the Cards.
Flipmode989: Vikings - Leinart has to win this game by himself, and I don't see that happening.
Sockman: Vikings - Cardinals showed some life last week, with the Edge having a decent game, and Leinart getting his first win. Vikings have more to gain though, so they have the edge here.

Texans (3-7) at Jets (5-5)

Laser Stream: Jets - This is my "Book it." game of the week. So, book it.
Enter Sandman: Jets - Chad Pennington needs a revenge game. This is it.
Flipmode989: Texans - Wally Lundy will be the player of the game.
Sockman: Jets - If Lee Evans was able to look like Jerry Rice against this pass defense, expect Coles and the other Jets receivers to have monster games. Pennington will have fun in this one.

Panthers (6-4) at Redskins (3-7)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Steve Smith will continue to somehow magically get wide open.
Enter Sandman: Panthers - Here's the weekly "Book it." game.
Flipmode989: Panthers - They're hot.
Sockman: Panthers - I don't like how the Panthers are going right now. Coach Fox's gameplan usually consists of power down-hill running, but they don't have that right now. Smith will get them a couple more wins, but they better look out. For this week however, Panthers with the win.

Steelers (4-6) at Ravens (8-2)

Laser Stream: Ravens - "Air" McNair will get it done.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - Before the season, this game looked like it would have serious playoff implications. Now? Not so much.
Flipmode989: Ravens - Roethlisberger had a total of 4 good minutes versus the Browns. Good luck against the Ravens, he's going to need it.
Sockman: Ravens- Pitt's won a couple in a row, but they can't keep relying on comebacks, especially against this Ravens defense. Steelers are thirsting the playoffs, so this will be a close one. Could go either way, but have to go with the Ravens.

Raiders (2-8) at Chargers (8-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - We shall see more offensive ineptitude from Aaron Brooks and the Oakland offense.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - SD is 4-0 at home, Oak is 0-5 on the road, R. Gallery is injured, L. Jordan is injured, R. Moss is unhappy, Z. Crockett sucks. As is if that isn't enough, A. Brooks is starting. Somewhere, the tens of Raiders fans are crying.
Flipmode989: Chargers - LT gets another 4 touchdowns, hey at least he'll make them part of history.
Sockman: Chargers - Raiders been playing well lately, but the offense has let us down once again. The Chargers look like the best team in the league right now. Raiders defense will have another stellar effort, but offense will not do it's job again.

Giants (6-4) at Titans (3-7)

Laser Stream: Giants - Tiki should more than make up for Manning's uselessness.
Enter Sandman: Giants - Eli Manning sucks.
Flipmode989: Titans - Titans running game is underrated, and with all of the injuries, it might just be enough to win the game.
Sockman: Titans - Woody Paige's sleeper team might seem like a joke, but Vince Young is progressing well, and the Giants are in a downhill slide right now.

Bears (9-1) at Patriots (7-3)

Laser Stream: Bears - "The Monsters of the Midway" will be monstrous.
Enter Sandman: Bears - Now this is a game I want to see. Only question is why wasn't this flexed? I mean who really wants to see Jeff Garcia?
Flipmode989: Bears - If you take away the running game of the patriots, which the bears will do, they really don't have much.
Sockman: Patriots - Brady bounced back last week. Although the Bears are playing well, Patriots at home is a hard hill to climb.

Eagles (5-5) at Colts (9-1)

Laser Stream: Colts - No upset this week. Though I do predict this game will be better than the Monday Night one just because Sunday Night games are always more awesome.
Enter Sandman: Colts - The Eagles' loss column looks to be in for some serious expanding.
Flipmode989: Colts - Manning won't let them lose.
Sockman: Colts - I love how Garcia plays. I can't really say anything else positive for the Eagles this week.
(Edit 11/21/06 9:02 PM by Laser Stream: Speaking of expanding, ANDY REID!!!!)

Packers (4-6) at Seahawks (6-4)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - Hasselbeck will be back.
Enter Sandman: Seahawks - Is it Monday yet? What a matchup.
Flipmode989: Seahawks - Packers have a legitimate shot if Favre is playing.
Sockman: Seahawks - Lock of the week. 'Nuff said.


Laser Stream: 10-6 (22-10)

Flipmode989: 10-6 (21-11)
Enter Sandman: 11-5 (20-12)
Sockman: 12-4 (21-11)

(Edit 11/28/06 3:22 PM by Laser Stream: Final standings are up and all scores have been commented on.)


Laser Stream said...

Thanksgiving Game 1:

Miami 27, Detroit 10

8 sacks. We sure didn't see this one coming.

Laser Stream said...

Game 2:

Dallas 38, Detroit 10

This game was all about Tony Romo.

Laser Stream said...

Just got home, but Game 3:

Kansas City 19, Denver 10

Props to Flipmode for the accurate call.

Laser Stream said...

Some final scores for games that started around 10AM:

Minnesota 31, Arizona 26 (Some 99-yard plays were not enough for a team who was who we thought they were.)

Washington 17, Carolina 13 (Wow.)

Cincinnati 30, Cleveland 0 (Chris Henry is certainly no longer in the doghouse.)

Jets 26, Houston 11 (Shocking.)

Buffalo 27, Jacksonville 24 (The only way the Jags can win is if they play a good team every week.)

New Orleans 31, Atlanta 13 (Welcome to the Drew Brees show. Starring.. Devery Henderson!!)

Baltimore 27, Pittsburgh 0 (Ben sure does know how to win.)

St. Louis 20, San Francisco 17 (Bah.)

Enter Sandman said...

Stupid St. Louis... Alex Smith really needs to take some lessons from Big Ben on how to WIN.

Speaking of WINNING, guess what the Raiders are doing?

Laser Stream said...


Here are the final scores for games that started at around 1:

San Diego 21, Oakland 14 (LaDainian Tomlinson is really good.)

New England 17, Chicago 13 (The golden boy gets the WIN.)

Tennessee 24, Giants 21 (This was Vince Young's game.)

Enter Sandman said...

That guy who owns J. Addai in his fantasy league and has him benched this week sure must be unhappy right about now.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Night:

Indianapolis 45, Philadelphia 21

Joseph Addai did his best LT impression.

Flipmode said...

Consider the Titans game my compensation for the Browns loss last week.

Anyways, the Raiders should've won that game. The receiver had possession, was not down, and fumbled the ball. They called it a forward pass, but a forward pass is illegal in that situation, and so the only logical options are(1)Count it as a fumble or (2)Penalize the forward pass.

Much like Roddy white, the Refs dropped the ball on this one...if you know what I'm saying.

Speaking of Roddy White, wow he blew the game. Dropped a critical redzone pass, he was wide open, and it was right on the money. He was picked in the first round to make those catches. Falcons continue their problem with dropped passes, and Vicks stats suffer because of it. If you factor in dropped passes, Vick isn't as bad of a passer as he may seem.

Laser Stream said...

Alright, final standing are up.

Laser Stream said...


Seattle 34, Green Bay 24

Hasselbeck started out Roethlisberger-like, but finished P. Manning-like.