Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Power Rankings

Power Rankings:

1. Indianapolis Colts (8-0)

The defense is improving and Peyton Manning and his giant forehead are better than ever.

2. Denver Broncos (6-2)

The defense is starting to bend too much, but Broncos still have fewest points allowed in the league. Injuries starting to pile up though.

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Jamal Lewis looks pretty good with Billick calling the plays. The AFC North looks just about wrapped up… and we’re only half way into the season.

4. Chicago Bears (7-1)

Bears have had two 6 turnover games this year… and they’ve only lost once. If they keep this up though, it’ll be tough to win more games especially with Urlacher hurt.

5. San Diego Chargers (6-2)

LT continues to have monster game after monster game. Tough stretch coming up though with a road game at Denver without Shawne Merroids.

6. New Orleans Saints (6-2)

The Saints defense has looked solid this year, and Drew Brees has proven to be arguably the top free agent acquisition.

7. New England Patriots (6-2)

Tom Brady: 4 INT, 0 TD. What a winner.

8. New York Giants (6-2)

The Giants have had pretty decent defensive efforts their last two times out, and they face a struggling Chicago Bears offense Sunday.

9. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3)

Damon Huard has done an awesome job keeping KC within striking distance of Denver and San Diego in the AFC West. Larry Johnson seems to have regained last year’s form.

10. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3)

If David Garrard’s play Sunday was an indication of what’s to come, Byron Leftwich isn’t getting his job back this year. Still… four key guys injured on the defense at the same time is never good.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)
With a game against the pathetic Redskins' secondary straight ahead, McNabb and Co. should return to form this week.

12. Atlanta Falcons (5-3)

After two straight weeks of praise from NFL “experts,” Vick proved them all wrong. Still, with Dunn at HB, Atlanta’s offense is very able.

13. Carolina Panthers (4-4)

Panthers finally dropped one after the return of Steve Smith, and it will take some doing to catch the Saints.

14. Dallas Cowboys (4-4)

Romo had an awesome game on Sunday, and he seems to be able to hit Owens a lot more regularly than Bledsoe.

15. Seattle Seahawks (5-3)

This is probably the worst team with a winning record in the NFL. With Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander out, Seneca Wallace has to carry the load.

16. St. Louis Rams (4-4)

Marc Bulger continues to look like the QB of the future, but the season may have taken a major hit depending on the severity of Steven Jackson’s injury.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (4-4)

There’s a lot of talent going to waste in Cincinnati with Carson Palmer barely able to get his passes off with such a terrible O-line.

18. New York Jets (4-4)

Leon Washington is growing into his role, and Chad Pennington is off to a great start. This looks like a good set up for next year.

19. Minnesota Vikings (4-4)

The Vikings are coming off a terrible road game against San Francisco and their upcoming game could determine if they will be playoff contenders this year.

20. Washington Redskins (3-5)

Redskins dodged a bullet with their win against the Cowboys, but at 3-5, they have a lot of work to do to get back into the playoff picture.

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