Thursday, September 06, 2007

([Fried R]ice) Picks

The 2007 season starts today, so we decided to make picks once again. The format will be virtually the same as last year, and the picks will (hopefully) be a bit better.

Last Season:

Now for our Week 1 picks:

Saints (0-0) at Colts (0-0)

Laser Stream: Colts - Manning and Addai will both have great games.

Enter Sandman: Saints - I think Indy's rush defense problems will resurface pretty soon

Broncos (0-0) at Bills (0-0)

Laser Stream: Broncos - I expect to see an impressive debut by Travis Henry.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - Book it

Titans (0-0) at Jaguars (0-0)

Laser Stream: Jaguars - Pacman won't be eating any dots this season and Vince's on the Madden Cover.

Enter Sandman: Jaguars - Losing a workhorse in the backfield won't help V. Young much.

Dolphins (0-0) at Redskins (0-0)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - The defense will be able to slow down Portis and Betts just enough.
Enter Sandman: Redskins - This won't be the most exciting of games.

Panthers (0-0) at Rams (0-0)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Steve Smith has his favorite quarterback back.
Enter Sandman: Rams - I wouldn't be surprised if M. Bulger outperformed Manning in most passing stats not named "touchdowns" this year. And no, I don't mean Eli.

Patriots (0-0) at Jets (0-0)

Laser Stream: Patriots - The Golden Boy has Randy Moss and the New England defense will be better than last year.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - Really, Brady just has too many weapons now not to win this game.

Falcons (0-0) at Vikings (0-0)

Laser Stream: Vikings - Vick's in the doghouse.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - "Experts" will finally get the chance to see that Atlanta's "number one rush offense" was never actually that good in terms of traditional rushing.

Steelers (0-0) at Browns (0-0)

Laser Stream: Steelers - The Browns do not look good.
Enter Sandman: Steelers - I'll go out on a limb and second that.

Eagles (0-0) at Packers (0-0)

Laser Stream: Eagles - McNabb is back, so he'll put up some numbers.
Enter Sandman: Eagles - A rematch of that 4th and 30 game. Minus half the players.

Chiefs (0-0) at Texans (0-0)

Laser Stream: Chiefs - Larry Johnson should be himself here.
Enter Sandman: Chiefs - Houston fans must feel like shooting themselves every time the Texans go up against a star running back.

Bucs (0-0) at Seahawks (0-0)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - A healthy Hasselbeck and Alexander is more than enough.
Enter Sandman: Seahawks - Enjoy your last defense of the NFC West crown for the foreseeable future, Seattle.

(0-0) at Chargers (0-0)

Laser Stream: Chargers - Book it.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - However, LT's first fumble since Week 7 last year shall occur.

Lions (0-0) at Raiders (0-0)

Laser Stream: Lions - The Jon Kitna Weapon List has expanded this offseason.
Enter Sandman: Lions - Speaking of expanding.... Warren Sapp!!!

Giants (0-0) at Cowboys (0-0)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - The Giants have shown me nothing since about Week 9 last year.
Enter Sandman: Cowboys - How awesome would it be if E. Manning fumbled a hold on a game winning field goal attempt.

Ravens (0-0) at Bengals (0-0)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Their defense is too good.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - Indeed it is.

Cardinals (0-0) at Niners (0-0)

Laser Stream: Niners - We'll see if the Cardinals are who I think they are.

Enter Sandman: Niners - [insert profanity laced tirade here]

This Week:

Laser Stream: 11-5 (11-5)
Enter Sandman: 10-6 (10-6)

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