Tuesday, December 19, 2006

([D]ice [Roll]) Picks

Week 15 contained a few upsets, and those games helped to drive our records down. In addition, a few inexplicable picks (Sandman's Lions pick and Sockman's Cardinals pick) and non-picks gave us some losses. Only two weeks left now.

Last Week:

Laser Stream: 10-6 (47-33)
Flipmode989: 9-7 (48-32)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (49-31)
<--- Try to avert your eyes. His greatness might blind you. Ho-hum.
Sockman: 7-9 (41-39)

Now for our Week 16 picks:

Vikings (6-8) at Packers (6-8)

Laser Stream: Vikings - Chester Taylor should be near 100% and the Packers won't be able to stop him.

Enter Sandman: Vikings - Lambeau Field's become awfully easily to win at.
Flipmode989: Packers - Easily the toughest call this week for me. It might even go OT.
Sockman: Forfeited

Chiefs (7-7) at Raiders (2-12)

Laser Stream: Chiefs - Larry Johnson should rebound after his below-average game against San Diego.
Enter Sandman: Chiefs - Book it.

Flipmode989: Chiefs - Chiefs need this win badly, but it might be a close game.
Sockman: Forfeited

Panthers (6-8) at Falcons (7-7)

Laser Stream: Falcons - The Panthers will continue to lose if they can't get the ball to Smith.

Enter Sandman: Falcons - C. Weinke is just simply not J. Delhomme.
Flipmode989: Falcons - Falcons have too much at stake here, the Panthers are already in a mess.
Sockman: Forfeited

Titans (7-7) at Bills (7-7)

Laser Stream: Titans - I bet ESPN is feeling great now that these teams have better records than a couple of their playoff picks (Carolina and Washington)
Enter Sandman: Titans - Hard to believe this game has serious playoff implications.
Flipmode989: Titans - Titan defense is playing very well; Pac-Man is emerging as an all-pro corner.
Sockman: Forfeited

Bucs (3-11) at Browns (4-10)

Laser Stream: Bucs - This matchup will have fans on the edge of their seats, fighting the urge to get up and do something on a Sunday afternoon.
Enter Sandman: Browns - Not too hard to believe this one doesn't.

Flipmode989: Bucs - If Rattay is the starter, they should win this one easily. I just checked, he is the starter.
Sockman: Forfeited

Bears (12-2) at Lions (2-12)

Laser Stream: Bears - Next.
Enter Sandman: Bears - Yeah.

Flipmode989: Bears - I bet Matt Millen is just ecstatic at the possibility of getting a WR with the first pick in the draft. (Calvin Johnson)
Sockman: Forfeited

Redskins (5-9) at Rams (6-8)

Laser Stream: Redskins - Washington shut down Brees last week; they should do the same against Bulger.
Enter Sandman: Rams - St. Louis' D looked passable last week.... against the Raiders, but still.

Flipmode989: Redskins - Jason Campbell is looking really good.
Sockman: Forfeited

Saints (9-5) at Giants (7-7)

Laser Stream: Saints - Brees > E. Manning
Enter Sandman: Saints - They'll be looking for a rebound game.
Flipmode989: Saints - Giants defense is soft, Saints should destroy them.
Sockman: Forfeited

Ravens (11-3) at Steelers (7-7)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Book it.
Enter Sandman:
Steelers - Kyle Boller...
Flipmode989: Ravens - Steeler offense will get shut down.
Sockman: Forfeited

Patriots (10-4) at Jaguars (8-6)

Laser Stream: Patriots - Watch as the Jags make my pick look silly again.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - The Golden Boy will deal the Jags a huge loss.

Flipmode989: Jaguars - Any Given Sunday.
Sockman: Forfeited

Colts (11-3) at Texans (4-10)

Laser Stream: Colts - P. Manning appears to be back.
Enter Sandman: Colts -
Flipmode989: Colts - Texans have some very talented players on offense and defense, but the team as a whole sucks.
Sockman: Forfeited

(4-10) at Niners (6-8)

Laser Stream: Niners - If Smith can continue his awesomeness, this shouldn't be close.
Enter Sandman: Niners - Alex Smith will be able to keep the Niners' faint playoff hopes alive.

Flipmode989: Niners - Niner's playoff chances are like Dick Cheney's heart, any time now you're expecting it to go down.

Sockman: Forfeited

Bengals (8-6) at Broncos (8-6)

Laser Stream: Bengals - Should be good. I expect Rudi Johnson to have the big game he was supposed to have last week.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - J. Cutler is good. C. Palmer is good. C. Johnson is good. C. Bailey is good. This game will be excellent.
Flipmode989: Bengals - They'll rebound from last week. This is a fairly easy call.
Sockman: Forfeited

Chargers (12-2) at Seahawks (8-6)

Laser Stream: Chargers - San Diego should win big here.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - S. Diego will reveal how phony the Seahawks are.
Flipmode989: Chargers - Seahawks are THE most overrated team in the league. I'm looking for the biggest blowout in NFL history.
Sockman: Forfeited

Jets (8-6) at Dolphins (6-8)

Laser Stream: Jets - They will continue to play well.
Enter Sandman: Dolphins - The final game in Miami until you know when.

Flipmode989: Dolphins - Jason Taylor will distinguish himself as the defensive player of the year in this game on national TV. Look for a pass deflection, forced fumble, sack, possibly an int, a few tackles by him, as usual.
Sockman: Forfeited

Eagles (8-6) at Cowboys (9-5)

Laser Stream: Eagles - Philly is starting to return to form under their new quarterback.

Enter Sandman: Eagles - P. Eagles and J. Garcia vs. T. Owens. As usual, NBC has the game of the week.
Flipmode989: Eagles - Roy Williams really doesn't deserve to be in the pro-bowl, he is the single most overrated player. He has no pass coverage skills, all he can do is tackle you illegally.
Sockman: Forfeited

This Week:

Laser Stream: 10-6 (57-39)
Flipmode989: 9-7 (57-39)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (58-38)
Sockman: 0-16 (41-55)


Laser Stream said...

Thursday Night:

Green Bay 9, Minnesota 7

Tavaris Jackson got owned.

Laser Stream said...

Saturday Night:

Kansas City 20, Oakland 9

I wonder what the score would have been had the Raiders actually held onto the ball.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Morning:

Baltimore 31, Pittsburgh 7
Carolina 10, Atlanta 3
Chicago 26, Detroit 21
Houston 27, Indianapolis 24 (Upset)
New England 24, Jacksonville 21
New Orleans 30, Giants 7
Tampa Bay 22, Cleveland 7
Tennessee 30, Buffalo 29 (6 Straight)
St. Louis 37, Washington 31 (OT)

Interesting games in progress.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Afternoon:

Arizona 26, San Francisco 20 (SF is 2-0 against Seattle and 0-2 against Arizona.)
Denver 24, Cincinnati 23 (Some terrible stuff at the end of that game. A botched 2pt conversion, and an offsides on a successful onside kick.)
San Diego 20, Seattle 17 (Great drive at the end by SD.)

Laser Stream said...

Monday Afternoon:

Philadelphia 26, Dallas 7

The Pro Bowl quarterback really showed us something there.

Laser Stream said...

Monday Night:

Jets 13, Miami 10

Lemon didn't look bad, but a half of Harrington was too much to overcome.