Thursday, September 20, 2007

([These Will Suff]ice) Picks

Week 2 was a terrible week for us. There were plenty disappointing performances by favored teams (Carolina, Philly), as well as some tough picks (Sunday Night Football). Speaking of Sunday Night, looks like NBC's booked another solid game this week.

Last Week

Laser Stream: 9-7 (20-12)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (19-13)

Cardinals (1-1) at Ravens (1-1)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Arizona had a surprise win last week; don't expect two in a row.

Enter Sandman: Ravens - E. James' O-line seems to be doing a decent job.

Chargers (1-1) at Packers (2-0)

Laser Stream: Chargers - LT will finally have his first LT-like game.

Enter Sandman: Packers - Book it.

Rams (0-2) at Bucs (1-1)

Laser Stream: Rams - Book it.

Enter Sandman: Rams - It's only 2 games into the year, but this is almost a must-win for STL, given the improvement of SF and Arizona.

Niners (2-0) at Steelers (2-0)

Laser Stream: Steelers - Alex Smith won't be able to do anything against this defense.
Enter Sandman: Niners - Roethlisberger will revert to '06 form against a pretty talented SF secondary.

(2-0) at Eagles (0-2)

Laser Stream: Eagles - If Philly starts 0-3, the list of problems Eagles fans have with McNabb will expand.
Enter Sandman: Eagles - Speaking of expanding... Andy Reid!!!

(0-2) at Jets (0-2)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - Whatever.
Enter Sandman: Jets - Whatever, but on a slightly related note... Peter King's (SI) article about how B. Belichick may have broken a "rule," but how Mangini broke a "code" is one of the stupidest things I've read in my life. The guy seems to be in love with Belichick/half the Patriots.

(0-2) at Patriots (2-0)

Laser Stream: Patriots - Randy Moss has looked like he did during his early Minnesota years.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - Unfortunately, this game will just provide more fodder for King.

Vikings (1-1) at Chiefs (0-2)

Laser Stream: Vikings - LJ has no help.

Enter Sandman: Vikings - The battle for last in the AFC west is officially underway.

Colts (2-0) at Texans (2-0)

Laser Stream: Colts - Houston's defense has been impressive, but it hasn't faced Indy's offense.
Enter Sandman: Colts - Houston's offense has been impressive, but it isn't the Colts'

Bengals (1-1) at Seahawks (1-1)

Laser Stream: Bengals - Even though their defense got torched by Derek Anderson, Cincinnati should be fine.
Enter Sandman: Bengals - Even if the defense blows up again, Cincy should be able to outshoot Seattle.

Browns (1-1) at Raiders (0-2)

Laser Stream: Raiders - Oakland's pass defense is a lot better than Cincinnati's.
Enter Sandman: Raiders - That's not saying much.

(1-1) at Broncos (2-0)

Laser Stream: Broncos - Make it three lucky wins in a row for Denver.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - Denver had better win while it can; it'll see Pitt, Indy, and SD within the next 4 weeks.

Giants (0-2) at Redskins (2-0)

Laser Stream: Redskins - Portis and Betts will run all over the Giants.
Enter Sandman: Redskins - That would be so awesome if NYG went 0-16.

Panthers (1-1) at Falcons (0-2)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Steve Smith will show why DeAngelo Hall is the most overrated DB in football.
Enter Sandman: Panthers - Then again, Steve Smith can make any DB look overrated.

Cowboys (2-0) at Bears (1-1)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - Romo will have a bad game, but Grossman will be even worse.

Enter Sandman: Bears - The Chicago offense isn't nearly as bad as they've shown.

Titans (1-1) at Saints (0-2)

Laser Stream: Saints - New Orleans will use McAllister more and Brees will finally be able to set up a passing attack.

Enter Sandman: Saints - I wonder when ESPN will finally start using Flex scheduling.

This Week

Laser Stream: 8-8 (28-20)
Enter Sandman: 8-8 (27-21)

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