Wednesday, December 06, 2006

([Adv]Ice) Picks - Week 14

Week 13 was a mediocre week for all of us, mostly because there were so many upsets. Sockman had two particularly good picks, the Eagles and Bengals, but also the worst pick, the Packers.

Last Week:

Laser Stream: 7-9 (29-19)
Flipmode989: 9-7 (30-18)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (29-19)
Sockman: 8-8 (29-19)

Now for our Week 14 picks:

Browns (4-8) at Steelers (5-7)

Laser Stream: Browns - Uhh?
Enter Sandman: Steelers - I don't have anything nice to say about either of these teams, so I won't say anything.

Flipmode989: Steelers - Browns need Frye, the backup will get torn apart.
Sockman: Steelers

Falcons (6-6) at Bucs (3-9)

Laser Stream: Falcons - Vick should get yard number 1000 here.
Enter Sandman: Falcons - Tough call, but I'm forced to side with the Falcons able running game.

Flipmode989: Falcons - Bucs are a weak team overall.
Sockman: Falcons

Ravens (9-3) at Chiefs (7-5)

Laser Stream: Ravens - McNair, Heap, & Co. should rebound after last week.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - The Ravens offense flat out stunk against a lackluster Cincy defense, but look for them to rebound this week.

Flipmode989: Ravens - Their defense will win this game.
Sockman: Chiefs - Book it.

Colts (10-2) at Jaguars (7-5)

Laser Stream: Colts - As I said in last week's comments, JAX confuses me.
Enter Sandman: Colts - Their last game was decently close, but this one won't be.

Flipmode989: Colts - Manning will have a great game.
Sockman: Colts

Vikings (5-7) at Lions (2-10)

Laser Stream: Vikings - Chester Taylor likely won't play, but it's the Lions, so there should be no problem here.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - The one bright spot for the Vikings this year has been their superb rush defense, and Jon Kitna isn't turning into Peyton Manning (or even Joey Harrington for that matter) any time soon.

Flipmode989: Lions - It will be all Kitna in this game.
Sockman: Lions

Patriots (9-3) at Dolphins (5-7)

Laser Stream: Patriots - This would be like last season, except the Dolphins lost last week. They will lose again.
Enter Sandman: Dolphins - Isn't this Dolphins season eerily reminiscent of their 2005-2006 year?

Flipmode989: Dolphins - You took the words right out of my mouth Sandman. Dolphins usually beat the patriots 1 out of the 2 games in the year. In the one exception year, they took the patriots to overtime. That was the year when Ricky left, for the first time.
Sockman: Patriots

Giants (6-6) at Panthers (6-6)

Laser Stream: Panthers - E. Manning will throw another game away.
Enter Sandman: Panthers - This game really comes down to the ability of the Giants' secondary, which I don't think can stop S. Smith.

Flipmode989: Panthers - Panthers usually manage to beat tough opponents.
Sockman: Giants

Raiders (2-10) at Bengals (7-5)

Laser Stream: Bengals - They have been awesome the last few weeks and I see no reason for them to stop now.
Enter Sandman: Bengals - The Raiders secondary has indeed played decently this year, but I seriously doubt there's any corner in the league who can cover C. Johnson right now. Actually, maybe there is one; C. Johnson visits him in a couple weeks.

Flipmode989: Bengals - If the Raiders win this, I'll pick them for all the remaning games of the season. Like thats going to happen...
Sockman: Raiders

Eagles (6-6) at Redskins (4-8)

Laser Stream: Eagles - You might as well call them the Philadelphia Garcias of Jeff Garcia.
Enter Sandman:
Eagles - Here's guessing that every other team in the league wishes they had the kind of backup QB the Eagles had in J. Garcia.
Flipmode989: Eagles - Garcia fits into that team perfectly.
Sockman: Eagles

Titans (5-7) at Texans (4-8)

Laser Stream: Titans - Interesting matchup. Vince and Bironas will do it again.
Enter Sandman: Titans - V. Young makes a pretty good running back, that's for sure.

Flipmode989: Titans - V. Young continues to defy Merrill Hodge, the only guy on the planet who still thinks Young isn't NFL caliber.
Sockman: Texans - Lets see how Young does when he doesn't have to play from the first snap onwards.

Packers (4-8) at Niners (5-7)

Laser Stream: Niners - Packers won't stop Gore.
Enter Sandman: Niners - 49ers go from being ripped by an awesome pass offense to a team that passes more than any other in the league. Except this time, good luck to anyone wanting to stop that F. Gore guy.

Flipmode989: Niners - Packers are the worst team in the league looking in the long run.
Sockman: Niners

Seahawks (8-4) at Cardinals (3-9)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - The Cards are 2-1 since we started picking. It won't matter.
Enter Sandman: Seahawks- Seattle played a terrible game at Denver and still pulled out the win. Their number of NFC West crowns looks to be in position to expand.

Flipmode989: Seahawks - I dont see the Cardinals being able to stop the Seahawks offense.
Sockman: Cardinals

(Edit 12/6/2006 9:48 PM by Laser Stream: Speaking of expanding, MIKE HOLMGREN!!!)

Bills (5-7) at Jets (7-5)

Laser Stream: Jets - The New York Jets, residents of Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, will defeat the true New York team. J.P. Losman isn't going to turn into J.P. Winningguy any time soon.
Enter Sandman: Jets - The Bill are pretty good at scheming various defensive strategies to stop particular offenses (see: the Colts offense). Now, if only they had a quarterback...

Flipmode989: Jets - I still don't like the Jets, I just like the Bills less, especially when the Jets have Mangenious.
Sockman: Jets

Broncos (7-5) at Chargers (10-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - LT will repeat what he did last time and Merroids is really, really good.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - Well. What can I say. Book it.

Flipmode989: Chargers - Benedict Arnold!
Sockman: Chargers

Saints (8-4) at Cowboys (8-4)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - This is an awesome matchup and can go either way. This one will go to Team Tuna.
Enter Sandman: Saints - Sunday night games just keep getting better and better.

Flipmode989: Cowboys - Romo is the next Brady.
Sockman: Cowboys - 42-7. Guarantee.

Bears (10-2) at Rams(5-7)

Laser Stream: Bears - Book it.
Enter Sandman: Bears - And the Monday Night ones just keep getting worse and worse.

Flipmode989: Bears - Grossman will have 3 TDs, 250+ yards, I can see him making a comeback.
Sockman: Rams - L. Little is going to have 5 sacks. Rams win big.

This Week:

Laser Stream: 8-8 (37-17)

Flipmode989: 9-7(39-25)
Enter Sandman: 11-5 (40-24)
Sockman: 5-11 (34-30)


Laser Stream said...

Thursday Night:

Pittsburgh 27, Cleveland 7

Willie was impressive.

Laser Stream said...

10 AM and 1 PM games:

Minnesota 30, Detroit 20 (Artose Pinner did a great job replacing C. Taylor.)
Jacksonville 44, Indianapolis 17 (Why is JAX so confusing? Jones-Drew and Taylor were absolutely awesome.)
Baltimore 20, Kansas City 10 (L. Johnson got yards, but could not get in the end zone.)
Miami 21, New England 0 (Good stuff from Miami's defense.)
Giants 27, Carolina 13 (Why is Steve Smith not getting the ball? Weinke had over 400 yards, but only about 70 went to Smith.)
Cincinnati 27, Oakland 10 (Not much to add here.)
Atlanta 17, Tampa Bay 6 (Both Dunn and Norwood went down in this one.)
Philadelphia 21, Washington 19 (This one should not have been as close.)
Tennessee 26, Houston 20 (Our homeboy, V. Young, won Tennessee another game.)
Green Bay 30, San Francisco 19 (Would have been a nice day for Gore, but his 2 fumbles really killed it.)
Arizona 27, Seattle 21 (The Cards are 3-1 since we started picking.)
San Diego 48, Denver 20 (LT got the record.)
Buffalo 31, Jets 13 (This might quiet ESPN's obsession with the Jets for a short while.)

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Night:

New Orleans 42, Dallas 17

Sockman had it backwards. By the way, the "Book it" picks are 0-2 so far this week. The final one will be decided tomorrow.

Laser Stream said...

Monday Night:

Chicago 42, St. Louis 27

I'm now 2-2 in book it picks. Devin Hester = wow.