Thursday, December 14, 2006

([High-Pr]ice[d]) Picks

Week 14 didn't feature too many upsets, but it did feature a whole lot of terrible picking. From Laser Stream picking the Browns to Sockman picking the Chiefs, Raiders, and Texans, it was all bad.

Well, except for that Sandman dude's picks. Which were, you knew. Pretty awesome.

W. Parker gained 200 yardz, the Golden Boy lost, and L. Tomlinson broke an extremely long standing record. Oh, and also, the Colts got owned. Hopefully, Week 15 is a return to the normal way of things with some good picks. Kind of like Sandman's picks.

Last Week:

Laser Stream: 8-8 (37-27)
Flipmode989: 9-7(39-25)
Enter Sandman: 11-5 (40-24) <--- Try to avert your eyes. His greatness might blind you.
Sockman: 5-11 (34-30)

Now for our Week 14 picks:

Niners (5-8) at Seahawks (8-5)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - These teams are going in opposite directions.
Enter Sandman: Seahawks - Seattle gets so unbelievably lucky. Agh. They've played some pretty terrible football, and here they are at 8-5 in the lamest division in football.

Flipmode989: Forfeited
Sockman: Forfeited

Cowboys (8-5) at Falcons (7-6)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - Book it.
Enter Sandman: Cowboys - Here's a mysteriously overlooked fact: Since his Thursday night trashing of Tampa Bay, T. Romo has been 36/67 for 506 yardz, just one TD, and 4 interceptions.

Sockman: Forfeited

Dolphins (6-7) at Bills (6-7)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - Sure, why not?
Enter Sandman: Dolphins - Yeah. Quite the thriller, eh?

Dolphins - Dolphins still have a small chance. If all the wildcard contenders lose all their remaining games, and the dolphin win their remaining games, they're in. Once they're in the playoffs, its easy sailing...
Sockman: Dolphins - *Waits for Flipmode to tell us how the Dolphins are going to the 'Bowl*

Buccaneeers (3-10) at Bears (11-2)

Laser Stream: Bears - Next.
Enter Sandman: Bears - Something tells me this game is going to be brutal.

Bears - Bears will score on offense, defense, and special teams.
Sockman: Bears - Bears in a thriller. -Yawn-

Lions (2-11) at Packers (5-18)

Laser Stream: Packers - Favre will throw some touchdowns to Driver and Lions fans will continue to yell bad things at Matt Millen through their television sets.
Enter Sandman: Lions - Hmm. This must really be the week those schedule guys tried to sneak all the bad games into.

Flipmode989: Packers - Lions aren't as bad as they seem, their best players are hurt, Rogers and Jones.
Sockman: Packers - The Packers record tempts me to pick them.

Jaguars (8-5) at Titans (6-7)

Laser Stream: Jaguars - I can't see the Titans winning another one. Vince will run some more, but not enough.
Enter Sandman: Jaguars - I still don't subscribe to the theory that V. Young is a good quarterback. Running back? That's a different story.

Flipmode989: Jaguars - Jacksonville defense will be too much for Vince. But I disagree about his overratedness.
Sockman: Jaguars - Young's too overrated.

Jets (7-6) at Vikings (6-7)

Laser Stream: Jets - Chester Taylor still might not be 100%, and the Vikings need him.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - This game really comes down to C. Pennington to produce.

Flipmode989: Jets - Vikings are an average team, Mangenious will come up with a way to win.
Sockman: Jets - Tryin to keep those non-existant playoff hopes alive.

Texans (4-9) at Patriots (9-4)

Laser Stream: Patriots - The Golden Boy will shine brightly. Or something.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - The Pats are the rich man's AFC version of the Seattle Seahawks.

Flipmode989: Patriots - Patriots have been screwed with injuries, but Texans should be no problem.
Sockman: Patriots - Man, Mario Williams is BURNING the d-line this year! ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!

Redskins (4-9) at Saints (9-4)

Laser Stream: Saints - What an awesome offense.
Enter Sandman:
Saints - Drew Brees. Now there's a good quarterback.
Flipmode989: Saints - Gannon is a good comparison to Brees.
Sockman: Saints - Brees is ALMOST as good as Rich Gannon.

Steelers (6-7) at Panthers (6-7)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Regardless of whether Delhomme plays, Roethlisberger will play. Ben will throw some picks, and Carolina will win.
Enter Sandman: TBA - Pending J. Delhomme's availability. Forfeited.

Flipmode989: Steelers - Steelers looked ugly in the beginning of the season, but got back on track.
Sockman: Steelers - Easy win.

Browns (4-9) at Ravens (10-3)

Laser Stream: Ravens - The Browns stink.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - Book it.

Flipmode989: Ravens - lol browns

Sockman: Ravens - Sleeper. Literally.

(7-6) at Cardinals (4-9)

Laser Stream: Broncos - The Cards will go 3-2 since we started picking.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - Leinart vs. Cutler. This is a matchup we might be seeing again in a few years.

Flipmode989: Broncos - This is the toughest pick this week for me, but Shanahan will figure something out.

Sockman: Cardinals - Book it.

Rams (5-8) at Raiders (2-11)

Laser Stream: Rams - The Raiders can't score.
Enter Sandman: Rams - The Raiders have been committed to expanding their level of excellence, that's for sure.

Flipmode989: Raiders - Raiders have the best pair of corners in the league.
Sockman: Raiders - IT WAS WARREN SAPP'S BIRTHDAY!!!!
(Edit 12/14/06 1:13 PM by Laser Stream: Speaking of expanding, WARREN SAPP!!!)

Eagles (7-6) at Giants (7-6)

Laser Stream: Eagles - Jeff Garcia is the definition of pure ownage.
Enter Sandman: Eagles - Should be a good one.

Flipmode989: Giants - Giants looked VERY ugly in the beginning of the season, but they seemed like they got back on track in the Cowboy game.
Sockman: Giants - Garcia will finally throw a pick.

Chiefs (7-6) at Chargers (11-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - Merroids merroids merroids merroids merroids. Merroids. LT.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - Steroid steroid steroid steroid steroid. Steroid.

Flipmode989: Chargers - Merriman always used to be big, even in college he was a DE/OLB hybrid. He's one of those beastly players, like Suggs or Taylor.
Sockman: Chargers - Raiders raiders raiders raiders raiders raiders raiders. Raiders.

Bengals (8-5) at Colts(10-3)

Laser Stream: Bengals - Rudi Johnson will have about 200 yards here.
Enter Sandman: Colts - I bet the ESPN guys are snickering right now. "Ehehehe, we're finally showing a football game on Monday Night."

Flipmode989: Colts - Perhaps the game of the year. The Bengals are looking for the playoffs, but Mannings forehead is blocking the view.
Sockman: Bengals - Sean Salisbury: I GUARANTEE THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN

This Week:
Laser Stream: 10-6 (47-33)
Flipmode989: 9-7 (48-32)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (47-31)
Sockman: 7-9 (41-39)


Laser Stream said...

Thursday Night:

San Francisco 24, Seattle 14

I had no idea Smith had that kind of arm. 60 yards flat-footed. Wow. And Gore delivered as usual.

Laser Stream said...

Saturday Night:

Dallas 38, Atlanta 28

Vick was great, but Atlanta's defense wasn't.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Morning:

Baltimore 27, Cleveland 17 (What happened to McNair?)
Green Bay 17, Detroit 9 (Favre got a record.)
New England 40, Houston 7 (The score says it all.)
Tennessee 24, Jacksonville 17 (Why is JAX so confusing? David Garrard and the Tennessee defense got this win.)
Buffalo 21, Miami 0 (How are those playoff hopes now, Flipmode?)
Jets 26, Minnesota 13 (A limited Taylor really cost the Vikings here.)
Pittsburgh 27, Carolina 3 (What happened to the great Carolina defense that ESPN kept talking about in August?)
Chicago 34, Tampa Bay 31 - OT (Who cares if the Bears won? Their defense got destroyed by Tim Rattay. That is disappointing.)
Washington 16, New Orleans 10 (Brees did not do much in this one.)

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Afternoon:

Denver 37, Arizona 20 (Cutler played pretty well.)
Philadelphia 36, Giants 22 (Westbrook was awesome and E. Manning wasn't.)
St. Louis 20, Oakland 0 (Happy birthday Warren Sapp.)

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Night:

San Diego 20, Kansas City 9

I think there were two consecutive plays that really gave San Diego this game.

First, San Diego tries to punt, but the Chiefs block it. The ball rolls past the line of scrimmage, where it bounces off a Kansas City player and is fallen on by a San Diego player. Chargers ball.

The next play, LT runs untouched 85 yards for a touchdown.

Laser Stream said...

Monday Night:

Indianapolis 34, Cincinnati 16

The Bengals looked good until they stopped using Rudi as much.