Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Picks Ahoy

Week 12 was a decent week for everyone, and definitely was more surprising than we had expected. Nice picks by Flipmode and Sockman for the TEN/NYG game. Here's how we did:

Laser Stream: 10-6 (22-10)
Flipmode989: 10-6 (21-11)
Enter Sandman: 11-5 (20-12)
Sockman: 12-4 (21-11)

And now, for our Week 13 picks:

Ravens (9-2) at Bengals (6-5)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Book it.
Enter Sandman: Ravens - The Ravens look like serious Super Bowl contenders.

Flipmode989: Ravens - Defense + Semi-competent offense vs Offense + incompetent defense
Sockman: Bengals - Book it.

Chargers (9-2) at Bills (5-6)

Laser Stream: Chargers - LT is unstoppable now and Merroids should be back.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - Unfortunately, book it.

Flipmode989: Chargers - Bills have no chance.
Sockman: Chargers - This is going to be a squeaker.

Vikings (5-6) at Bears (9-2)

Laser Stream: Bears - Thomas Jones and the defense should make up for Rex Grossman's mistakes.
Enter Sandman: Bears - The defense has looked solid all year long.

Flipmode989: Bears - Bears will swallow the vikings alive.
Sockman: Bears - No chance whatsoever.

Chiefs (7-4) at Browns (3-8)

Laser Stream: Chiefs - Their win against Denver was impressive, and they should continue to play well this week against a team whose loss column continues to expand.
Enter Sandman: Chiefs - Can't praise the placement of the above statement enough.

Flipmode989: Chiefs - Chiefs have more on the line, they'll come out with the win.
Sockman: Chiefs - *Yawn* Next. THE BROWNS ARE WHO THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE!! Oh wait, that's the Cardinals.
(Edit 11/28/06 10:45 PM by Enter Sandman: Speaking of expanding, ROMEO CRENNEL!!!!)

Jets (6-5) at Packers (4-7)

Laser Stream: Jets - Should be a close one, but I expect the Jets to get it done at Lambeau.
Enter Sandman: Jets - Gah... This is a really tough game to pick. But the Packers' secondary hasn't looked all that great this year, and C. Pennington should find a way to exploit that.

Flipmode989: Jets - Packers are like Dick Cheney, they could go down any minute now...
Sockman: Packers - Tough call, but home field will help the Pack.

Lions (2-9) at Patriots (8-3)

Laser Stream: Patriots - "FI-RE MIL-LEN" will be what Lions fans continue to scream into their televisions.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - On second thought, maybe this should've been the book it game... Nah, too easy.

Flipmode989: Patriots - Lions are a joke. Everyone laugh at the Lions!
Sockman: Patriots - This is like USC vs. De Anza.

49ers (5-6) at Saints (7-4)

Laser Stream: 49ers - Despite the loss last week, the Niners have been playing decently well. Frank Gore should have another huge game to pull off the upset.
Enter Sandman: Saints - I can't see Alex Smith and Co. winning at the UltraLoud SuperDome.

Flipmode989: Saints - Brees has been hot, I dont think the Niner defense can stop the Saints offense.
Sockman: Saints - 49ers pass defense will get eaten alive.

Cardinals (2-9) at Rams (5-6)

Laser Stream: Rams - Who are the Cards? Who we thought they were!
Enter Sandman: Rams - All hail the NFC West.

Flipmode989: Rams - Steven Jackson will run where ever he wants.
Sockman: Rams - Bulger was 10/10 on the final drive against the 49ers last week. This guy can get it done when it counts.

Colts (10-1) at Titans (4-7)

Laser Stream: Colts - If the Titans somehow win this, it'll be because Vince did it again.
Enter Sandman: Colts - Look for Addai to come up big again. Colts are just about ready to kick it to cruise control.

Flipmode989: Colts - Colts will make an example out of the Titans.
Sockman: Colts - Let's hope the the Mannings don't swtich, or it'll be another Titans win.

Falcons (5-6) at Redskins (4-7)

Laser Stream: Redskins - If Atlanta can't win even if Vick rushes for 160, there's no reason to pick them this week.
Enter Sandman: Falcons - J. Campbell
looked decent his last time out, but this Redskins' defense is just too holy. Er, holey?
Flipmode989: Falcons - In order to be inconsistant, you have to have some good games too, otherwise you just flat out suck, see: The Cardinals.
Sockman: Redskins - Tired of waiting for the Falcons to burst out like they're capable of. Vick's 1-0 after flicking off the crowd in his career though, so watch out.

(6-5) at Dolphins (5-6)

Laser Stream: Dolphins - Miami's record isn't great, so the Jags won't bother showing up.
Enter Sandman: Jaguars - Another tough pick... but I think the Jags' powerful running back combo might just be enough.

Flipmode989: Dolphins - Miami is hot, the defense will have a great day.
Sockman: Dolphins - Another meaningless game, another Dolpin win.

Texans (3-8) at Raiders (2-9)

Laser Stream: Houston - Well, looks like the Bay Area is gonna be treated with this amazing matchup.
Enter Sandman: Oakland - Indeed.

Flipmode989: Oakland - They almost won their last two games. They really should have won their last game. Brooks is playing much better than he was earlier in the season.
Sockman: Oakland - Easiest game of the week. Raiders have played playoff caliber the past couple weeks, except the offense. Time to dominate. Goooooo Raiders!

Cowboys (7-4) at Giants (6-5)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - I was tempted to book this one, but we all know how well those turn out. (I'm 1-1, Sandman is 0-2)
Enter Sandman: Cowboys - In all honesty, I hope I'm 0-3 after this week. Heh.

Flipmode989: Cowboys - Giants are turning into Knicks, all I have to say is LOL at New York teams. For more information on how to suck, see: the Lions.
Sockman: Cowboys - Romo > Eli. 'Nuff said.

Buccaneers (3-8) at Steelers (4-7)

Laser Stream: Bucs - Big Ben will throw some picks.
Enter Sandman: Steelers - As shall B. Gradkowski.

Flipmode989: Bucs - Joey Galloway is a big play waiting to happen. He will happen against the Steelers.
Sockman: Steelers - Terrible Towels! Terrible Towels! Steelers win big.

Seahawks (7-4) at Broncos (7-4)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - Alexander will get some TDs and Seattle will win another quality Sunday Night game.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - First game ever. National TV. Sunday Night Football. At home in the stadium with the most sellouts in the last 20 years. Some dude named J. Elway's going to be there... No pressure. Sometimes, I kind of wish my subconscious would let me pick against the Broncos once in a while.

Flipmode989: Seahawks - This is the toss up of the week, no one knows how Cutler will do. If Seattle plays their A-game, which is rare, they can win this.
Sockman: Broncos - Cutler's gonna get eaten alive. I feel sorry for him. But that won't matter, because the Seahawks can't tackle anybody. Shaun Alexander will break his foot, guarantee.

Panthers (6-5) at Eagles (5-6)

Laser Stream: Panthers - Philly's stumblin'.
Enter Sandman: Panthers - That, they are.

Flipmode989: Panthers - They should just rename their team to the Philadelphia McNabbs of Donovan McNabb. I bet he didn't eat his chucky chicken soup before his last game.
Sockman: Eagles - Upset of the week. Garcia will eat up the Panthers!


Laser Stream: 7-9 (29-19)

Flipmode989: 9-7 (30-18)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (29-19)
Sockman: 8-8 (29-19)


Laser Stream said...

Thursday Night:

Cincinnati 13, Baltimore 7

Book it.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Morning Games:

San Diego 24, Buffalo 21 (Sandman is now 1-2 in booked picks.)
New England 28, Detroit 21 (The Corey Dillon Show)
Atlanta 24, Washington 14 (After the 1st quarter, Washington died.)
Arizona 34, St. Louis 20 (The Cardinals are 2-1 since we started picking. Who are they?)
Tennessee 20, Indianapolis 17 (It took a 60 yard field goal at the end. Impressive.)
Cleveland 31, Kansas City 28 (I guess Droughns saved his job with his performance today.)
Chicago 23, Minnesota 13 (Chicago's lucky that Brad Johnson had more INTs than Grossman [4 to 3].)
Jets 38, Green Bay 10 (Nothing to add here.)
New Orleans 34, San Francisco 10 (Reggie Bush did his best LT impression.)

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Afternoon Games:

Jacksonville 24, Miami 10 (JAX confuses me.)
Houston 23, Oakland 14 (Houston had -5 passing yards for the game.)
Dallas 23, Giants 20 (Automatica.)
Pittsburgh 23, Tampa Bay 3 (The Steelers finally found a team that turns the ball over more than they do.)

Flipmode said...

"Sockman: Dolphins - Another meaningless game, another Dolpin win."

What were you smoking, that was big. If the dolphins were to win that, they would have been tied with Jax and would own the tiebreaker for the wildcard. Plus the next three fins games are division games, so they had a legitimate shot at winning the division or winning the wildcard. But now the dolphins are out. This is a sad day for the NFL.

Laser Stream said...

Sunday Night:

Seattle 23, Denver 20

A nice 4th quarter by Seattle gave them the win. A good Sunday Night game, as always.

Laser Stream said...

Monday Night:

Philadelphia 27, Carolina 24

Call them the Philadelphia Garcias of Jeff Garcia.