Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Who Let The Picks Out?

Week 16 was basically the same week as week 15, except one of us forgot to pick. There were once again some shockers (Houston and Arizona) and poor picks that brought all of our totals down. However, all in all, it wasn't a terrible week. Now, we have come upon the final week of the regular season and it's (almost) anyone's game:

Laser Stream: 10-6 (57-39)
Flipmode989: 9-7 (57-39)
Enter Sandman: 9-7 (58-38)
Sockman: 0-16 (41-55)

Now, week 17:

Giants (7-8) at Redskins (5-10)

Laser Stream: Redskins - Betts won't fumble this time, and the Giants new offensive coordinator will need more than 1 week to set up.

Enter Sandman: Redskins - Jason Campbell looks decent.
Flipmode989: Giants - Giants have way too much on the line, I think they can pull this one off.
Sockman: Forfeited

Steelers (7-8) at Bengals (8-7)

Laser Stream: Bengals - Cincinnati needs this game and they should play well.

Enter Sandman: Bengals - Ocho Cinco got shut down. Just as somebody predicted.
Flipmode989: Bengals - Steelers secondary sucks, Bengal passing offense should excel this week.
Sockman: Forfeited

Lions (2-13) at Cowboys (9-6)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - Book it.

Enter Sandman: Cowboys - T. Romo is not as good as advertised. Still, he's alright.
Flipmode989: Cowboys - Lions are a complete mess.
Sockman: Forfeited

Browns (4-11) at Texans (5-10)

Laser Stream: Texans - Ron Dayne should have another huge game.

Enter Sandman: Texans - R. Dayne's performance last week speaks more about the Colts' defense than his own ability, but the Browns just flat out stink.
Flipmode989: Texans - Texans are just a better team, they have alot of talent.
Sockman: Forfeited

Jaguars (8-7) at Chiefs (8-7)

Laser Stream: Chiefs - JAX is slumping.

Enter Sandman: Jaguars - Both of these teams could still get in, so this should be a very physical game.
Flipmode989: Jaguars - This game is going to come down to the Chiefs' run defense, and I don't think they can get it done.
Sockman: Forfeited

Rams (7-8) at Vikings (6-9)

Laser Stream: Rams - The fact that the Rams even have a chance proves how bad the NFC really is.

Enter Sandman: Rams - Yeah.
Flipmode989: Rams -Bulger will have a career game.
Sockman: Forfeited

Panthers (7-8) at Saints (10-5)

Laser Stream: Saints - The Panthers are lucky they won last week considering how bad their passing attack was.

Enter Sandman: Saints - Here's the Saints' chance to scare Chicago into maybe switching to B. Griese.
Flipmode989: Panthers - Delhomme will be the difference maker in my opinion.
Sockman: Forfeited

Raiders (2-13) at Jets (9-6)

Laser Stream: Jets - Oakland should get ready for the Draft.

Enter Sandman: Jets - Don't worry, they'll find some way to screw that up too.
Flipmode989: Jets - Mangenious!
Sockman: Forfeited

Seahawks (8-7) at Bucs (4-11)

Laser Stream: Seahawks - Just to make the Cardinals win last week meaningless.

Enter Sandman: Seahawks - It's kind of sad that a team can lose its last 4 games in a row, go 2-3 in its own division (the worst division in football at 26-34), finish 8-8 and still win its own division.
Flipmode989: Seahawks - This is a must win, not for the season or playoffs, but for their dignity.
Sockman: Forfeited

Patriots (11-4) at Titans (8-7)

Laser Stream: Patriots - The streak will end.

Enter Sandman: Titans - Maybe.
Flipmode989: Titans - Patriots have been hurt by injuries all season,
it would be smart for Belichick to rest his players before the playoffs.
Sockman: Forfeited

(7-8) at Ravens (12-3)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Baltimore will put the pressure on San Diego to lock up home field.

Enter Sandman: Ravens - I still like Baltimore over San Diego at this point; here's their chance to horrendously bash a vastly inferior team in preparation for the playoffs.
Flipmode989: Ravens - Even if the Raven starters only play a quarter, they have the depth win the game.
Sockman: Forfeited

Dolphins (6-9) at Colts (11-4)

Laser Stream: Colts - I doubt Indy will be satisfied being the #4 seed.

Enter Sandman: Colts - The Colts' playoff chances are really not looking great at this point. If they lose this, they'll likely end up playing Denver (#4 in the AFC in rushing). And if they win, and Jacksonville gets the 6th seed... ouch.
Flipmode989: Dolphins - Brown is back, he's a power runner with speed and agility, he'll go through the defense like a hot knife through butter.
Sockman: Forfeited

Falcons (7-8) at Eagles (9-6)

Laser Stream: Eagles - They will win the division.

Enter Sandman: Eagles - Can't say enough about the job J. Garcia has done.
Flipmode989: Eagles - The defense is playing like the defense of a few years ago, and Westbrook is as good as ever.
Sockman: Forfeited

Niners (6-9) at Broncos (9-6)

Laser Stream: Broncos - Cutler will have a great game.

Enter Sandman: Broncos - J. Cutler v. A. Smith. Another matchup we might be seeing in a more meaningful game in a few years.
Flipmode989: Niners - They have nothing to lose, they usually win these types of games.
Sockman: Forfeited

Cardinals (5-10) at Chargers (13-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - I'm leaving for San Diego tomorrow, but I unfortunately won't be able to see this game.

Enter Sandman: Chargers - And here's S. Diego's opportunity to horrendously bash a vastly inferior team.
Flipmode989: Chargers - Cards will play their hearts out, and the Chargers will play their backups, yet the Chargers will still hand them a loss.
Sockman: Forfeited

Packers (7-8) at Bears (13-2)

Laser Stream: Bears - They'll win here, enjoy their week off, then hopefully lose.

Enter Sandman: Bears - Favre's last game?
Flipmode989: Bears - Theres not much need to rest their players, you dont want them to be rusty, so they'll play a half at least, which is enough to take care of business.
Sockman: Forfeited

This Week:

Laser Stream: 10-6 (67-45)
Flipmode989: 10-6 (67-45)
Enter Sandman: 8-8 (66-46)
Sockman: 0-16 (41-71)

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