Friday, September 28, 2007

([Sandman's Booked it Thr]ice) Picks

Week 3 was easily the worst week of picking we've had, despite Sandman's amazing "book it" pick of the Packers. We both went 8-8, as Week 3 saw some major stunners (Patriots over Bills, Colts over Texans.)

Last Week

Laser Stream: 8-8 (28-20)
Enter Sandman: 8-8 (27-21)

Texans (2-1) at Falcons (0-3)

Laser Stream: Texans - Even with Green out, the Texans won't have much of a problem here.

Enter Sandman: Falcons - Both Harrington and Schaub did well spreading the ball last week, so this should be interesting.

Jets (1-2) at Bills (0-3)

Laser Stream: Bills - Sure.

Enter Sandman: Jets - Boring Game of the Week.

Ravens (2-1) at Browns (1-2)

Laser Stream: Ravens - Cincinnati defense != Baltimore defense.

Enter Sandman: Ravens - While Baltimore's defense hasn't played at last year's level, they certainly haven't swooped down to Cleveland's.

Rams (0-3) at Cowboys (3-0)

Laser Stream: Cowboys - Romo's not as good as he has performed these first three weeks, but it doesn't matter.
Enter Sandman: Rams - Dallas' undefeate start hides a not up to par secondary.

Bears (1-2) at Lions (2-1)

Laser Stream: Lions - Maybe the switch to Griese will help? Err probably not.
Enter Sandman: Bears - Who would have guessed the Lions would have a better record after 3?

Raiders (1-2) at Dolphins (0-3)

Laser Stream: Raiders - Curry and Porter will have big games.
Enter Sandman: Raiders - Boring Game #2.

Packers (3-0) at Vikings (1-2)

Laser Stream: Packers - Green Bay's defense looks really good.
Enter Sandman: Vikings - I still think GB's 3-0 start is a fluke.

Seahawks (2-1) at Niners (2-1)

Laser Stream: Niners - Book it.

Enter Sandman: Niners - The perfect opportunity for SF to establish NFC West supremacy.

Bucs (2-1) at Panthers (2-1)

Enter Sandman: Panthers - The NFC South's incompetence is expanding.
Laser Stream: Panthers - Speaking of expanding, John Fox!!

Broncos (2-1) at Colts (3-0)

Laser Stream: Colts - Indy has more weapons at RB/WR than Denver has All-Pro DBs.
Enter Sandman: Broncos - Manning vs. Bly and Bailey will be fun to watch.

Steelers (2-1) at Cardinals (1-2)

Laser Stream: Steelers - Leinart might get sacked 5 or 6 times here.
Enter Sandman: Steelers - Arizona fared well against a great BAL rush defense last week, so PIT should at least be wary.

Kansas City (1-2) at Chargers (1-2)

Laser Stream: Chargers - I'm surprised Kansas City actually has a win.
Enter Sandman: Chargers - Finally, a head-clearing game for SD before tougher matchups ahead.

Eagles (1-2) at Giants (1-2)

Enter Sandman: Eagles - Am I the only one that likes those jerseys?
Laser Stream: Eagles - Probably.

Patriots (3-0) at Bengals (1-2)

Laser Stream: Bengals - Because the Patriots won't go 16-0.
Enter Sandman: Patriots - Book it.

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